Introduction to the Canon Digital Rebel XT (EOS 350D)

Вообще, очень качественный учебный фильм по тому, как пользоваться фотоаппаратом Canon EOS 350D (в США - Rebel XT). Предназначен для новичков. В фильме разбираются все основные функции ивозможности фотоаппарата, плюс основные правила и приемы фотосъемки.
Blue Crane Digital - Shoot Great Video with Your Canon DSLR

Описание: Canon's video-equipped digital SLR cameras can capture professional quality HD video, but getting great video from a still camera is not simple or intuitive. Getting the results you want requires a lot more than exposure, focus and white balance. Happily we've already done the research! You'll learn the skills and secrets to producing great video. This DVD is intended for the still photographer moving into video for the first time. You'll benefit from the wealth of tips and techniques offered in this presentation.


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